About Us

We are the “Fellowship Choir” because we come from different congregations.  With each congregation unable to support a choir, we have come together to do what we believe God wanted us to do with our gift, sing.

We started together in 1999 singing special music in different churches. Deciding to take Gods word in beautiful music to nursing homes and hospitals, we began singing to people in our local area. It did not take long before we began traveling to different churches in several states. We have also enjoyed singing at different Feast Sites throughout the years. Some of us have sung in Germany, Scotland and England.

For many years we have been asked if we have any recorded music for brethren to enjoy and now we’ve finally finished our first CD! We are a small dedicated group working hard to do the best with the gifts God has given us. So, we hope you enjoy the CD.  We’ll try to keep you updated on some of the places we are going to sing in the future, so please come along “The Journey” with us.

Thanks so much for your time and God Bless

The Fellowship Choir is:

From Left to Right

Top Row: Amanda Andrews (Soprano), Ray Kurr (Tenor), Ken Barton (Bass), Evie Andrews (Soprano).

Middle Row: Brittney Kurr (Soprano), Pam Kurr (Soprano), Joseph Dugger (Bass), Charria Jones (Tenor), Glenda Barton (Soprano).

Bottom Row: Lucille Smith (Alto), Maxine Kappel (Soprano), Fran Hope (Alto).

Not Pictured: David Daniels (Bass)